The STP NS is part of the large European Interreg project Danube Region DNA

21. February 2024.

A memorandum marking the official start of the Interreg project Danube Region DNA was signed at the Kick-Off conference in Novi Sad, attended by international and national representatives of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) – with 26 partners from 12 countries, including the Novi Sad Science and Technology Park.

The main goal of the project is to establish the Danube DNA network of centers dedicated to the digital transformation of SMEs across the Danube region.

The project will develop six common technological (software) solutions that will be implemented in 12 small and medium-sized enterprises in the participating countries over the two-year duration of the project.

Upon completion of the project, all solutions will be made available for free use to all SMEs in the Danube region.

This way, directly 26 and indirectly 100 organizations across the Danube region will enhance their institutional capacities through this networking and implementation of jointly achieved results.