A documentary film about Nikola Tesla made by high school students was showcased

19. February 2024.

In the amphitheater of the Novi Sad Science and Technology Park, a film about Nikola Tesla, created by students from the “Creative Pen” Gymnasium in Belgrade with the support of teachers and friends of the school, was screened.

This short documentary film about Nikola Tesla represents a comprehensive retrospective of Tesla’s life and work, commemorating the 80th anniversary of the death of this great figure.

Neda Pavlović, representing the “Creative Pen” Educational System, emphasizes that through projects like this, they aim to show their students how ideas, combined with hard work and effort, can be transformed into reality. They encourage them to believe that their dreams can drive future innovations. Along this path, Tesla’s vision should serve as inspiration.

The goal of this film is to promote and popularize Tesla’s character and work among young people and highlight true values.

The producers of the film are the founders of the “Creative Pen” Educational System, Gorica Nedeljković Bogdanović and Aleksandra Nedeljković. The director is Damir Romanov, and the film was produced with the support of Contrast Studios.

The conceptual creators and protagonists of the film are students from the “Creative Pen” Gymnasium, Marko Jovanović and Andrija Stefanović. The student Kristina Mihajlović appears in the role of an actress, along with Slobodan Isaković, who serves as a specialist consultant on behalf of the Nikola Tesla Museum. Throughout this project, the students were guided by their mentor and teacher, Andrija Ratković.