The first virtual member of NTP NS – GapApp

2. February 2024.

We’ve welcomed our first virtual member to NTP NS! 😊🤝

✅ GapApp, a British company with a research and development center in Novi Sad, whose innovative platform represents a revolutionary approach aiming to change the dynamics of interaction with legal and regulatory expertise, making the process more efficient and user-friendly.

💼🌎🗣️ Established in Serbia after winning the Smart Start program of the Innovation Fund in 2022, they successfully went through the second phase of the Katapult program in 2023.

🎯 A key step for their success was establishing a company in the UK, supported by investments of €175,000 from VC SFC Capital and an additional €175,000 from the Katapult program. 🚀

These financial supports further strengthened their position in the market. 🌠

📈 GapApp has been recognized as a highly promising startup, including participation in a program supported by the UK Ministry of Justice – Lawtech Bridge. 🤳

They were also selected for the new batch of the EBRD Star Venture program and ranked among the top 4 startups for the A1 Startup partnership.

With a total investment of €350,000, along with additional grants, GapApp now has an impressive €450,000 available for further development and innovation on their revolutionary platform.

Their dedication to innovation and support from various programs make them a significant player in the tech world. 👨🏻‍💻👌

We’re confident that an environment like #ntpns will be even more stimulating for their work and progress! 🧑‍🏫