Public call announced for VIRTUAL membership and COWORKING space at NTP NS

27. January 2024.

With the aim of expanding and enhancing the range of its services and activities, as well as strengthening its existing innovative community, and due to the high interest in membership, the Novi Sad Science and Technology Park has today announced a Public Call for virtual membership and virtual membership with coworking space, aimed at new members in this format. These include entrepreneurs, startup companies, micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as large domestic and foreign companies, engaged in the development or improvement of new products, processes, and services, in line with the Smart Specialization Strategy of Serbia.

The service of virtual membership with the use of coworking space includes 26 new equipped workstations in the NTP building space, use of shared facilities, meeting rooms, presentation rooms, as well as consultancy services in the field of innovation development and commercialization.

Nebojša Drakulić, Director of the Novi Sad Science and Technology Park, invited all interested parties to become part of this innovative community, which has achieved notable results in the past period, highlighting some of them:

“In the past two years, NTP NS has achieved great results. We have almost completely filled all our spatial capacities, and through the organization of a large number of professional events, we have managed to position ourselves as a stable innovative community in the Republic of Serbia and the region. Through participation in cross-border cooperation projects, we have received the highest European recognition in this field. I want to remind you that NTP NS, through the ‘UPDATE’ project with partners from Croatia, won two first prizes in Spain in October last year for the best European project for Interreg Slam in 2023.”

Applications for the Public Call are accepted from today via email at:, and all details and necessary information can be found HERE.