Startup brunch with Milan Trbojević

3. January 2024.

The special guest at our last Startup Brunch of the year, held on December 25th at the Science and Technology Park Novi Sad, was Milan Trbojević, a prominent business mentor and tax advisor.

Attendees had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the latest challenges and legal provisions in the Republic of Serbia that are of crucial importance for entrepreneurs and the startup community.

Mr. Trbojević carefully conveyed key information that entrepreneurs need to consider to ensure the smooth conclusion of the business year and entry into the next one with even greater ambitions and turnover.

His lecture, full of concrete examples from practice, covered current topics related to tax obligations, business strategies, and regulations affecting business in Serbia.

This gathering not only provided insight into current challenges but also allowed attendees to ask questions and exchange ideas to better understand the complexity of doing business in the modern environment.

As always, Mr. Trbojević, with his expertise and humor, created a dynamic atmosphere and provided startups with useful advice for their specific problems and further development through efficient navigation of the system.