SMART START program Info Day in STP NS

3. January 2024.

On Wednesday, December 27th, the Science and Technology Park Novi Sad hosted an Info Day dedicated to the prestigious Smart Start program, which provides valuable support and funding to early-stage startup teams. This event was organized in collaboration with the Innovation Fund of the Republic of Serbia.

The Smart Start program has already proven its value in previous cycles, and this initiative is particularly significant for the local innovation community.

During the Info Day, representatives of the Fund presented the current cycle of the program in detail, highlighting key elements of support provided to young entrepreneurs.

The main topics covered during the Info Day included:

Financial Support: Fund representatives emphasized the importance of the financial support provided by Smart Start, focusing on securing funds for research, development, and implementation of innovative ideas.

Mentorship and Education: Startup teams have the opportunity to collaborate with experienced mentors, sharing their valuable experience and providing guidance for success. Educational resources are also part of the support, offering participants the necessary knowledge for running a successful business.

Networking and Connecting: The Info Day was an excellent opportunity for startup teams to meet and connect with other innovators, potential investors, and key players in the technology community.

Success Stories from Previous Cycles: Inspirational success stories from previous Smart Start program cycles were showcased, demonstrating the strength of support that this program provides to young entrepreneurs.