The Portal of the open research infrastructure represented

26. December 2023.

The Portal of the Open Research Infrastructure was represented today by  the State Secretary Professor Miroslav Trajanović, on behalf of the Ministry of Science, Technological Development and Innovations. 

With the help of this portal all the interested organizations would find it easier to search for the services based on the Research Infrastructure and to provide themselves with the information how to get them. 

Today in Novi Sad the State Secretary of the Line Ministry PhD Trailovic represented The Website of the Open Research Infrastructure of the Open Research Infrastructure and emphasized that the goal of science is not only about scientific projects but it is also about scientific solutions made into innovative processes. 

“The Ministry is trying to complete the innovative ecosystem , consisting of several funds. We have scientific parks, startup centers, and now we are in the process of making the innovative incubators all of that being a complete ecosystem ”, was stated by Mr Trajalovic.