Science Contract with Innovative centers Subotica, Kanjiža i Mali Zvornik

26. December 2023.

STP NS signed the  contracts with the regional innovative centers (RISC) in Kanjiža, Subotica and Mali Zvornik with the goal of the improved system support considering the development innovations in the Republic of Serbia initiated by the Ministery of Technology Development and Innovations supported by the Innovative found of the Republic of Serbia.

Whithin this programme the competences of regional Innovative startup centers in these municipalities  and cities will be developed, along with continual support, with the aim to build and develop the local centers in the direction of integration as the part of the system support to the innovative activities so to maintain the independence of their future work and functioning.  

The idea being, with the support, to achieve the integration of these regional innovative startup centers with STPs, the quality realisation of the programmes  made to increase the capacity of regional innovative startup centers in collaboration with STPs so as to accomplish the general balanced regional developement just as the development of the innovative community on the territory of the Republic of Serbia.